Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Certech is already compliant to the new odour standard EN13725:2022 for odour quantification by dynamic olfactometry!

Certech is active in the field of VOCs and odour for 40+ years. In that context, we were involved as expert in the drafting of the new European odour standard EN 13725:2022 which is a major change in the olfactometry world. This version supersedes the initial version of the standard, EN13725:2003. The new requirements impacted the methods and the means involved.

The significant technical changes are the following :

  • New generation of olfactometer with passivated inox parts demonstrating the highest performance in terms of recovery for sensitive odorous compounds and the shortest response time.
  • Sensory room supplied by HVAC system controlling the temperature, the relative humidity and the air ventilation rate, together with the independent continuous monitoring of these critical parameters.
  • Evidences for the global performance of the lab in terms of LoD, LoQ, uncertainty and reproducibility.Assessors already fulfilling the new selection criteria.
  • Update of documentation (SOP, data treatment files, etc).

Ready to perform compliant analyses according to the new standard !

More information on available tools for chemistry/odour correlation: GC-TOFMS/Sniffing