Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Certech has a GC-TOFMS/Sniffing instrument for enhanced VOC analysis and chemistry/odour correlation.
The Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (TOFMS) provides a powerful combination of sensitivity and spectral quality for improved screening of VOC and detection of odorous compounds at trace levels. This detector is able to acquire full-range spectra with sensitivities better than those achieved by traditional quadrupole MS in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode.
The instrument is equipped with a platform for multiple VOC sampling methods:
– Thermal Desorption
– Automated high-capacity sorptive extraction (Hisorb™)
– Headspace and headspace-trap, Dynamic Headspace (micro-chambers µCTE™)

The sniffing odour analysis is performed by our weekly trained expert panel, based on a standardized and recognized odour description methodology (“Champ des Odeurs©”, J-N Jaubert). The sniffing is performed during the entire chromatographic run, via an effective and ergonomic workplace, allowing a comprehensive peak/odour correlation for the complete VOC profile of the sample.
Certech provides support and expertise for characterization of VOC and odour emissions, as well as solutions for odour remediation and development of low odour/low VOC materials.

Certech is active in the field of VOCs and odour for 40+ years.
Our sensory expertise covers the 4 components of the odour:

  • Detectability: odour quantification by dynamic olfactometer according to EN 13725 at the detection threshold
  • Intensity: quantification based on a defined scale
  • Quality: determination of olfactory profiles using the “champ des odeurs®” approach
  • Hedonic tone (acceptability): pleasantness/unpleasantness approach

Two sensory rooms complying with the sensory standards and different panels (representative of the population, calibrated, trained) are available.

Certech competences and services in the field of VOCs and odour include:

  • Objective diagnostic based on standards
  • Methods adaptation, customers-specific tests or development of customised tests
  • Identification of odorant substances and correlation with chemistry by GC-(TOF)MS-Sniffing analysis with expert panels.
  • Extended characterization platform including GCxGC-HRTOFMS
  • Remediation: process optimization and improved materials with reduced environmental impact (formulation of low odour and emission products).
  • Support to raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers to develop products meeting the required new specifications of different applications (environment, packaging, cosmetic, medical, biotechnology, consumer products, transport, building products, recycling, indoor air quality)

Certech is a reference laboratory, due to its position as an active member in the standardization groups on air quality for NBN, Afnor, CEN and ISO committees.

Certech is recognized by cars manufacturers as an official external lab for compliance testing of materials and parts.