Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Certech is recognised as an independent and reliable research institute, servicing industries, authorities and population. For more than 40 years, Certech has been developing its expertise in the fields of gas emission, process optimisation and improved materials with reduced environmental impact.


We make it more sustainable


Air Quality
Health & Safety
Energy Efficiency
Circular Economy

Atmospheric pollution / Workplace exposure / Process improvement / Chemical Energy Storage / Waste Recovery.
Expert in standardization committees (CEN, ISO…)

R&D activities in the field of environment are mainly covering:

  • Health & Safety/Air quality: evaluation of the quality of air, risks assessment and environmental impact
  • Energy: advanced materials, sustainable technologies, renewable resources
  • Recycling: waste management and valorisation into materials and/or energy

As a multidisciplinary research centre, Certech takes advantage from its other fields of expertise, namely material science and chemical process intensification.

In agreement with the principles of sustainable chemistry and circular economy, we develop synergies and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Certech is approved for the control of atmospheric pollution by regional authorities. Certech is active in 11 standardisation committees such as AFNOR, EN or ISO.

Expertise in Environment