Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Study of ageing on different time scales of recycled thermoplastic polymers and methodology for predicting long-term behaviour

Recycled plastics are increasingly being used in the consumer electronics, household appliance, IT and automotive markets. However, the high batch-to-batch variability makes it difficult to produce a constant quality material for the manufacture of high-performance parts. In particular, the long-term properties (outdoor weathering, improved chemical and mechanical resistance in aggressive environments, etc.) of recycled materials are poorly documented. These factors are among others holding back the more intensive use of recycled materials and their integration into higher added-value products.
In this context, the aim of the RecyAge project is to develop a hyper-accelerated ageing test to enable systematic qualification of batches of recycled materials for long-term properties.

Certech’s tasks in this project include:

  • Melt formulation to obtain ready-to-use granules and shaping into standardised samples
  • Characterisation of properties (immediate and long-term/accelerated testing) according to the specifications of the targeted applications
  • Analysis of results, development of a hyper-accelerated ageing test methodology and establishment of predictive models


RecyAge Project – SPW EER Wallonia « Win4Collective » – Granting n° 2310093