Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

We are all heavily exposed to indoor air, as we spend almost 90% of our time in confined spaces, such as buildings or transports.

Moreover, many recent scientific studies show that indoor air is often more polluted than the outdoor air, even in an urban environment. The two main reasons are the presence of many emissive materials as source of indoor pollution as well as an excessive confinement resulting from energy saving concerns.

As a consequence, there is an accumulation of pollutants in confined indoor environments that leads to potentially harmful situations. For example, many studies describe the development of symptomatic diseases, such as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or “sick building syndrome” as well as various types of allergies.

Certech is supporting customers and partners at different levels:

Global evaluation of the Indoor Air Quality:

Our mobile laboratory is sampling on site various pollutants and is directly analysing the air quality according to some “comfort” parameters.

This type of study can be part of the regulatory frameworks for the design of sustainable buildings according to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

Certech is providing its expertise to identify the origin and causes of an odour problem and in its remediation.

Sensors for the measurement of air interior pollutants

Certech has been involved in projects to develop sensors for the on-line measurement of indoor pollutants in order to simplify the monitoring and the diagnosis of chemical pollution. Certech offers its expertise in the measurement of target molecules such as formaldehyde, NOx, COx, aromatic compounds, sulphured compounds, …taking into account selectivity and sensitivity constraints (low concentrations over long periods of time and in the presence of different other pollutants).

The efficiency of the developed sensors is evaluated in three steps:

Specific evaluation of materials or systems for indoors applications:

Certech laboratory performs emission tests on building materials, automotive materials, household products, air fresheners, electronic cigarette … These tests comply with the standards requirements (mainly ISO16000 and EN 16846-1) and labels, whether it concerns the assessment of chemicals emission or the odours. Emissions are also assessed according to legislations (French decree on construction products labelling, Construction Product Directive …) or car manufacturers requirements.

Beyond the simple diagnostic and the determination of the contribution of a specific material into an emission, Certech is provinding support for the development of low emission and low odour products or formulations. Certech has also been active for years in the field of air purification through photocatalysis and is a recognized Belgian expert as an active member in standardization committees AFNOR B44a and CEN/TC 386.

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