Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

(Thermo-)chemical recycling is a process used to decompose waste into valuable products. From plastic waste, it is therefore possible to obtain raw materials such as hydrocarbons, oligomers/polymers, as well as basic raw materials and gases (P to L, P to C, P to G). Certech has specific skills and facilities needed to reach the requested reaction conditions.

  • Pyrolysis

Certech is equipped with laboratory-scale reactors, used for exploratory tests aimed at optimizing the reaction and operating conditions on a hundred grams of waste : liquid, solid and gaseous product characterizations, mass and energy balance, etc.

Mechanically stirred pilot reactors (5 and 20 L) allow to evaluate the process of chemical recycling on a larger scale, in a batch or continuous mode.

Certech has many years of expertise in the field of pyrolysis for the transformation and energy recovery of waste into hydrocarbons, notably by participating in the technology transfer of a patented process aimed at recycling more than 35 000 tons/year of automobile shredding residues.


  • Solvolysis

During solvolysis, polymers are mixed with a solvent (organic liquids, CO2, H2O, etc.). Specific  temperature and pressure conditions are then applied in order to dissolve the material, or to separate it selectively. Sub- or supercritical conditions can be reached and allow the depolymerization of polymers or the valorization of complex waste, such as composite materials.

Certech has different reactors (from 0.5 to 1000 mL) that can reach conditions up to 500°C and 600 bar.