Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Certech has a GC×GC-HRTOFMS instrument. The comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography enhances the peak capacity and the separation power for characterization of complex samples. The system is coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry, enabling resolution of 50,000 FWHM and mass accuracy (<1 ppm) for selectivity and identification of unknown compounds. The GC×GC-HRTOFMS instrument is equipped for electron ionization or chemical ionization (EI or CI), dual detection MS/FID, liquid injection (standard or large volume) and thermal desorption (TD) for the analysis of VOC and odorous compounds.

Applications: environment, materials, petroleum, packaging (including NIAS analysis), product and process development, characterization of VOC and odour emissions

Analysis of compounds at trace levels, identification of unknown compounds, characterization of complex mixtures, group-type analysis, liquid samples or VOC analysis.

Certech is a reference laboratory, due to its position as an active member in the standardization groups on air quality for NBN, Afnor, CEN and ISO committees.
Certech is also recognized by cars manufacturers as an official external lab for compliance emission testing of materials and parts.

chromatographie GCxGC-HRTOFMS