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Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of matter under the effect of stress. Rheology is widely studied in a multitude of sectors to ensure the quality of a product (viscosity, flow, stability, etc.). Rheological characteristics having a significant impact on themanufacturing processes, assessing the rheological properties is therefore a key stage in the development of a new product.
Certech has several rheometers for different applications:
• Pharmaceuticals: the rheometer can be used to characterise the quality, viscosity and stability of drug formulations including active ingredients, excipients and others.
• Cosmetics and tissue engineering: rheometers can be used to evaluate and characterise various types of materials (emulsions, hydrogels, etc.). Viscoelasticity measurements provide a better understanding of the products developed, making it easier to improve their performance.
• Biology: it is possible to precisely regulate the chamber at 37°C, to reproduce physiological conditions. The rheology of solutions loaded with biomolecules (proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.) can therefore be studied, for example to help to model and design processes.
• Chemistry: rheometers can be used to study reactions in solution to better understand the impact of temperature on the viscosity of the medium. The information resulting from this rheological assessment can be crucial for intensification of reactors.
• Polymers: the rotational rheometer can be used to characterise polymers in the molten state or in solution with precise control of strain and/or stress. Temperature scanning can be applied to measure transitions.
As part of its developments in the life sciences sector, Certech has developed a method for measuring the rheology of low-viscosity solutions. This method is based on the use of a rotational rheometer, configured in planar mode, which enables precise measurements with a limited quantity of sample (less than 100 microlitres). This is particularly advantageous when the quantity of liquid is limited, which is often the case in biology and pharmacy, where samples are rare and precious. In addition, as the rheometer is equipped with a temperature-controlled chamber, it can be used to study the rheological behavior of temperature-sensitive solutions.
The rheological measurement method available at Certech offers an accurate and reliable solution for measuring the viscosity of low-viscosity solutions, and is adaptable to the specific needs of many industrial sectors.