Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Certech has acquired a new compact weather station for its activity in air quality assessment, among others for odour impact studies.
Easily transportable, quickly operational and allowing online measurement, it can be installed as close as possible to the study area. It will allow Certech expert trained panel to have direct remote access to local meteorological parameters (wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) during their odour field inspection. These data, sometimes combined with dispersion models, are very useful to establish a correlation between the odour observations and their potential sources in order to understand and reduce olfactive impact of industrial site.

With two sensory analysis laboratories, combined with cutting-edge analytical equipments in VOCs (Voltaile Organic Compounds) analysis, Certech has developed, since its creation, unusual expertise in the field of quantitative and qualitative odours analysis. On request of its industrial partners or public authorities, this expertise is useful to better understand the impact of an industrial process with a view of its improvement or to measure the effects of a material formulation/implementation modification or to monitor compliance with environmental limit values.

Added to this, a mobile laboratory allows our teams to collect samples or monitor continuous atmospheric emissions (TVOC, NMVOC, combustion gases) on plants.

Positioned as an independent expert between industry, public authorities and local resident, Certech operates in various industrial sectors from laboratory to industrial scale including pilot feasibility studies.

Certech is accredited by the Walloon region for the sampling, analysis and research in the field of air quality (including odours), as well as for the measurement by dynamic olfactometry and odour tracing by a panel of odour experts.