Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Industry partner delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions

Pilot spray dryer is used in many industries such as in agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or to process pigments or catalysts.

Spray drying is an appropriate process to dry with high efficiency formulations. Solid particles can be obtained rapidly by spraying a solution at high temperature using a warm gas flow (air or inert). This process enables a fine control of the properties of the particles in term, for instance, of density, size or humidity. The pilot unit is composed of a two-fluid-nozzle leading efficiently and repeatedly particles ranging from 1 to 30 µm, depending on the size of the nozzle and the flow rate of the atomization gas. The drying can be performed at temperatures up to 200°C for a flow rate from 0.1 to 15mL/min. The solid is then immediately recovered using a cyclone; 3 sizes of cyclones being available.

The pilot spray dryer allows on-line data collection (flow rates, temperature, and pressure) at different position of the system, enabling an efficient process scale-up.

The spray dryer can be connected to an inerting closed loop, leading to a significant decrease of the amount of oxygen in the flux. Solvent can then be used out of their explosion limit in a safe way.

Certech has developed an innovative and efficient patented process for Sil’Innov company in order to synthetize solid particles.

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