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NBN Awards 2017
Olivier Noiset was rewarded among 2,000 experts by the Belgian Standardization Bureau (NBN) for its contribution to the working groups on air quality, analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the development of methodologies for odor analysis.
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New sampling and measurements vehicle
Certech has acquired a new vehicle to carry out environmental diagnostics. This mobile laboratory is equipped with several sampling equipment's and measuring devices for the analysis of atmospheric emissions and ambient air.
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Odor Analysis for the Biotechnology Sector
Certech collaborates with the company ChemCom in the development of potential activators / inhibitors of human olfactory receptors (hOR). The in vivo evaluation is performed by Certech expert panels to identify and select odor blockers.
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“Emissions and odours from materials” Conference
The 13th edition of the "Emissions and Odours from Materials" conference was a real success. About 100 participants attended the two-day conference confirming the industry's interest in this topic. Delegates came mainly from the plastics, automotive, packaging and building industry..
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Sensors for indoor air analysis

Certech has been involved in a project to develop sensors for the measurement of formaldehyde pollution (carcinogenic compound) in indoor air.
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Round-Robin "VOC 2017"
Certech regularly participates in round-robin tests. Certech has successfully passed the last Round-Robin test "VOC 2017" organized by IFA (Institut für Arbeitsschutz - Germany) on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) by thermal desorption.
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Certech expertise
Certech covers all aspects of air quality and offers its expertise at different levels, from the outdoor environment (air pollution) to confined spaces (homes, offices, transportation, workplace ...). Combining its skills in air sampling and analysis with its know-how in material science, Certech has also developed leading edge expertise in assessing and managing gaseous emissions produced by materials.
Our technical expertise is focused on odour, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), sprays, dusts, nanoparticles, noise and microbiological agents.
Certech is a reliable partner able to provide complete odors and emissions characterization as well as a full support for new products and processes development.
Certech is active in the field of VOCs and odor for 35 years and is a reference player in Belgium and in the world thanks to its position as active member in the standardization committees on air quality (AFNOR, ISO et CEN committees).
Certech is accredited by the Walloon Region for the sampling, analysis and research in the field of air quality (including odours), as well as for measurements by dynamic olfactometry and odour detection threshold with human assessors.
Certech is accredited by the Brussels-capital Region for the sampling and measurement of odour concentration for deliverance of environmental licence.
Certech is eligible for technological consulting and contracting via the so-called “chèques technologiques” for Wallonia or “KMO-portefeuille” for Flanders. These grants are dedicated to SMEs, to support and promote innovation.
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