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Emissions and odours from materials 2017


Certech conference

"Emissions and odours from materials 2012" conference

The 13th edition of "Emissions and odours from materials" conference will take place in Brussels, on October, 5th and 6th 2017.

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During the last two decades, there has been increasing concern within the scientific community over the effects of VOC exposure on health. Public awareness of environmental, health and safety issues related to air quality has grown significantly. Regulations and labelling of products have been promoted by the governments, resulting in ever more stringent specifications for the industry regarding the emission of volatile compounds from materials. Plastic materials, coatings and inks, adhesives, flooring materials, furniture, textiles, insulating materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) that contribute to the indoor air quality in terms of odours and pollutants. In food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, volatiles released by the packaging can have an impact on the organoleptic perception of the products and even on their quality. New consumer products and new biobased/recycled materials coming today on the marketplace have to be evaluated for their VOC release, including their contribution to the odour perception of the products.

The need for communication between professionals working on this subject is obvious, particularly with respect to discussing research results, disseminating information, promoting activities … With the participation of leading industry professionals, standards & regulatory experts, R&D scientists, material specialists, industry analysts and market players, the conference offers an ideal platform for best practice sharing and acquiring new knowledge from participants and speakers.

Technical programme

  • Standards and regulatory issues: updating EU-legislation (REACH, superdirective...) and labelling schemes.
  • Comfort and impact on health : IAQ, workplace environment, odours and VOCs, off-flavours...
  • Latest developments for measurement and evaluation: sampling, analysis and sensory evaluation.
  • Remediation: optimisation of manufacturing and compounding processes, storage and transport conditions, new barrier properties...
  • Recent developments: new OEM requirements, latest trends, new products (low-VOC products, new additives formulations...) in:
                  • automotive and transportation industry
                  • building industry (materials for indoor application, ventilation, IAQ)
                  • packaging industry (food & beverage, cosmetics, water pipes, pharmaceutics)
                  • consumer products (household products, electronic devices, toys...)

Suppliers Showcase

In addition to the oral presentations, company exhibitions and poster presentations provide an active forum for discussions among the participants to the workshop.          During the breaks, attendees will browse through table top displays presented by suppliers of equipment dedicated to emissions testing or new low emitting grades of products. If you are interested, please fill the attached form and send it back to conference@certech.be.

Companies and academics will have the opportunity to present their latest R&D developments via posters during the coffee breaks. If you wish to submit a poster, contact also conference@certech.be


Hotel Bloom!

Rue Royale 250

1210 Brussels