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Technology platform - Environment


mobile lab- Direct monitoring on stack or remote from a mobile laboratory

-  Lung-principle sampler for bags sampling

-  Isolation flux chamber

-  Specific filters and adsorbants

-  Emission cells and emission chambers (from 44 cm3 to 1,5m3)

-  On-line measurements

Air quality analysis

on-line measurement-  Online measurement (O2, COx, NOx, SOx, TVOC, VOCs by Soft Ionization – Mass Spectrometry, sulfur compounds, ozone, temperature, humidity, portable weather station ....)

-  Chemical analysis by chromatography (TDS-GC-MS, GC-FPD, GC-FID, GC-PID, HPLC-UV-MS)


Analysis and laboratory-  Odour analysis (detectability, intensity, quality and hedonic character): dynamic olfactometry, different panels (representative of the population, calibrated, trained expert panels), 2 sensory rooms, Gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O or GC-Sniffing)

-  Nanoparticles and dust analysis (nanoparticles counter, size distribution, sedimentable particles samplers)

odour analysis-  Noise measurement (sound level meter and dosimeter)

-  Airborne and/or deposited bacteria and fungi sampling and analysis

-  Laboratory gas generator (controlled atmosphere, efficiency testing of safety filters cartridges)

Pilot devices

 -  VOCs wet scrubber

 -  VOCs catalytic oxydation

 -  Photocatalysis

 -  Efficiency testing of materials and devices developed for air purifying


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